Get to know our eminent business developer, Siri Wisløff!

Siri comes from Tønsberg (where she also lives today) and has experience as a consultant in the companies EY (Ernst & Young) and View Ledger. Siri started with us in February this year and in Kobben she works with both our startups and scaleups.

Worked in Kobben since:

February, 2022

Comes from:


My role in Kobben:

I am a business developer in Kobben, which offers a very varied working day. Among other things, I help entrepreneurs and startups get a step further on the road from idea to commercialization, based on what they need and where they are today. I also assist scaleups and established companies on projects that go beyond their normal operations, such as research into new markets and industries.


5 quick: 

What is the best thing about your job?

-The varied working life and all the interesting people you meet.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

- Being able to do something spontaneously. It's not often you can do that in toddler life, so that makes it extra awesome!

Favorite travel destination and why?

- Italy - so much to see and experience, as well as the best food and drink.

How many cups of coffee during the working day?

-2.5 – always takes two, but often sneaks in a third.

What is your best advice for someone considering starting up for themselves?

-Think about the team early! Often, putting together a good team is one of the most difficult things you do as an entrepreneur, but often also absolutely crucial to success. And then it is often much more fun to work with someone who has as strong a desire to succeed with the idea as you do.


Right now… 

I listen: During the day, it alternates between Eva Weel Skram and "Kindergarten's top list"

Am I watching: The White Lotus

I read: The silent patient