Team Kobben

Do you want help for your start-up company? Or do you have an idea you want to develop further? Then you've come to the right place!

Welcome to Kobben! 

We are a dedicated group of people who are passionate about innovation, technology and business development. With us, you can get help with whatever you are wondering about when it comes to running a startup. Get in touch with one of us in team Kobben for a no-obligation chat.

Our name comes from the Navy's very first submarine Kobben - which was in service from 1909 to 1919. With its daring and future-oriented technology, a submarine marked the difference between old and modern times. In today's "Kobben", we connect the fearless attitude of Hans Fleischer Dons and his bold colleagues with an innovative environment that challenges the established.

Team Kobben

Tormod Moldestad


Tormod has a Master's degree in business economics analysis (MSc). Before joining Kobben, he worked in industry, oil services and in the rig industry for 15 years. He has also been a former founder of an industrial company. In addition to his role as general manager, Tormod is an advisor to some incubator companies and a consultant on external customer projects. +47 971 87 835

Siri Wisløff

Business developer

Siri has a master's degree in strategy, organization and management (Siv.øk). She studied in Trondheim, where she also gained experience as an entrepreneur. Before starting in Kobben, Siri worked for several years as a consultant in a global company, on various projects and in various industries. She has also previously worked in the finance industry. As a business developer, Siri will work closely with the companies and projects in Kobben.

Henrik Bruvik Sæther

General manager of Kobben Incubator

Henrik is an economist with a background as a consultant and entrepreneur. In Kobben, he leads the work with the incubator, where start-up and scaling companies have access to offices, consulting and networks. +47 928 48 523

Helene Kirkebø Vego

Content Manager

Helene has a background from the media industry and expertise in communication, content production and journalism. Helene is responsible for marketing in Kobben and creating exciting content about what is happening in our environment. +47 454 91 925

Lynn Fagerberg

General Manager of Electronic Coast

Linn Fagerberg works with the electronics cluster Electronic Coast. As general manager, her main task is to create a good arena for the member companies. She has a long track record in Kobben and Electronic Coast. +47 932 07 775