Kobben launches a new company, Kobben consulting, and hires Stian Broen as CTO (Chief Technology Officer).

-"It's absolutely fantastic! I'm really looking forward to it and can't wait to get started," says an excited Stian.

He starts in a 100 percent position as CTO in Kobben consulting from May 2.

-"We've already been contacted by two companies that we're going to do a job for, so it's full steam ahead from the start," says Stian enthusiastically.

His new place of work will thus be Forskningsparken, a place Stian already knows well. In fact, he was one of the first start-ups in Kobben's incubator - back in 2013. Being part of the environment back then was crucial for the start-up of Stian's company, Broentech.

-"Kobben's network was incredibly important to us, and the exposure the company got from being part of the incubator was crucial to our initial success. Having an office at Kobben gave us many customers," he says.

After four years at Kobben, the company moved on to Kongeveien and its own premises.

Kobben consulting

Kobben AS is now establishing the company "Kobben consulting". The company will offer development of cloud-based technology and consulting. This is where Stian's expertise will come in handy, says Kobben's CEO, Tormod Moldestad, who is looking forward to having Stian on the team.

-"Since Stian was part of the incubator, we've had a good dialog and kept an eye on him and Broentech. When we started working on Kobben consulting and what it should be, it was with Stian in mind. So we are very pleased that he will be part of Kobben.

-"Several of our customers and networks have requested this type of expertise, so we see a clear need in the market. We presented our ideas to Stian, and fortunately for us, this was something he wanted to be a part of," says Tormod.