You might be wondering what you get as a member of Kobben? The role we play for the entrepreneurs in the house varies. The common denominator is that we actively participate in every step of the process with what you as an entrepreneur may need.

Good guidance

As a new entrepreneur, it can be difficult to know what to put in place to start a business. Then it can be good to have a sparring partner you can ask what you might be wondering. How to start your own business, how to develop the idea and not least how to apply for funding is something many budding entrepreneurs are wondering about. We can help with this! Contact one of our advisers and we will help you on the right path.


We must be allowed to brag a little about our place. We are located in the beautiful Horten municipality at Forskningsparken, right next to Bakkenteigen Kulturhus and the University of Southeast Norway (USN Vestfold). We have good public transport options, with Skoppum station 10 minutes away by car and bus directly from Bakkenteigen to Skoppum. Directly by the main road there is also a direct bus to Horten, Holmestrand, Tønsberg and Sandefjord.

We have close ties to the business community and a local foothold. The founders of the house and the local business community we work closely with are a testament to the good, innovative environment we have here in the city. It is cool that such a small municipality as Horten has so many companies that are world leaders in their fields. Horten is an industrial city, so we think it is entirely appropriate that we live here.


Networks and competence sharing are important building blocks in any company. Kobben has been supporting entrepreneurs and local businesses since 2001 (under other names). We have thus gained a wide and strong network of contacts and can put you in touch with the right people. We also have a cluster on the house, Electronic Coast .


Working for yourself can be lonely at times. With us, you get the opportunity to work in the same environment as like-minded people. Here you have the opportunity to participate in social activities, have someone to have lunch with and have a chat at the coffee machine. You get your own office that you can retire to if you feel the need for peace of mind.

Good facilities

With us, you get the opportunity to rent your own office. We have several different meeting rooms, and access to the auditorium and larger meeting rooms that can be booked. The food is provided by Spiseriet, here it includes hot food, salad bar and various other things. We also have a separate dining room on the 4th floor where it is possible to eat packed lunches with the rest of the entrepreneurs in the house. If you drive a car, we have free parking and electric car chargers ready at your disposal. We also have various agreements with local players.

So what do you say, are we a match?