Kobben incubator has a strong focus on sustainability, both in terms of our own internal routines and our contributions to the companies we support. We want to contribute to a more sustainable world and our focus areas include reducing our travel needs, reducing waste production, choosing more environmentally friendly alternatives and contributing to the UN's sustainability goals.

In order to realize our sustainability goals, we have implemented the following measures:

  • Travel efficiency: We try to send one employee instead of two whenever possible, and we travel as climate-friendly as possible by using public transport. If several of us travel together, we carpool where possible.
  • Electrification: EV chargers in our parking lot promote the use of electric cars.
  • Recycling: We recycle all rubbish in our incubator, including food waste, plastic, cardboard, deposits and other materials.
  • Digitalisation: We have invested in equipment that allows meetings to be conducted digitally, reducing travel and contributing to a more sustainable world.
  • Environmentally friendly products: We choose to buy products with a long lifespan for use as advertising products instead of giving away unnecessary products.
  • Sustainable companies: All companies housed in our incubator must have a sustainable business model and contribute to the UN's sustainability goals.

Through these actions, we contribute to a more sustainable world and show that we take our responsibilities seriously. Our aim is to continue to develop our sustainability actions and support our companies in their work towards the SDGs.