1 January 2023 starts a new ten-year period with the incubation program of Siva. For the past ten years, Kobben has been a Siva incubator, which means that the incubator receives subsidies from Siva.

Siva is a state enterprise that develops, owns and finances infrastructure for innovation and business development.

Today it is announced that Kobben continues in the incubation program and continues to receive grants from Siva. For us, support from Siva in a new ten-year period means predictability to continue creating a good environment for entrepreneurs and start-up companies in the region.

For Kobben and the environment around us, continued support from the incubation program for Siva is crucial. The program, which has been running for the past 10 years, has helped to develop a well-functioning environment for start-ups and value creation through innovation and entrepreneurship. The fact that the program has lasted over 10 years has given us the predictability to build up an ecosystem over time, which has had a measurable social return.

The fact that Kobben has again been given a place in Siva's incubation program gives us a very good platform to build on. Without further support from Siva, potentially 10 years of experiences, iterations and history in our region would be in danger of being lost. Now, on the other hand, it must be set in motion with new vigor and new goals must be set. With a new model for differentiation, there are also opportunities to set bigger goals to strive for. As an environment, we are very happy to have been accepted into the program for 10 new years and look forward to working with Siva further.

An incubator contributes to the development and establishment of new start-up and growth companies, and contributes to innovation in established businesses.

Kobben offers a professional and social environment where, among other things, entrepreneurs, start-ups, growth companies, business, academia and investors connect. Our objective is that companies in the incubator grow faster and succeed more often than they would outside the incubator.