With a rising curve since the start in 2016, FeltGIS has become a major player in the industry, with big names in forestry as customers. Skogdata, Nortømmer, Glommen Mjøsen Skog and Fjordtømmer are all customers and users of FeltGIS 'products. Therefore, it was time in the beginning of 2020 to look for investors who wanted to invest in the company.

-We want to hire more, at all levels. Both technically and in administration. Therefore, we now see the need to bring investors with us, says Isak.

Help from Kobben

Already in January last year, FeltGIS began to look for investors, but then came the pandemic and put sticks in the wheels. Thus, it has taken a little more time than desired. Thanks to acquaintances, Isak and FeltGIS were put in contact with Kobben. This has been a valuable collaboration, explains Isak.

- They helped us with the prospect and not least put us in touch with an environment that took an immediate interest.

Photo of the general manager of FeltGIS, Isak Hasselvold
Isak Hasselvold, general manager of FeltGIS. Photo: Astri Kløvstad, Norwegian Forestry

Kobben's role has, in this case, been to connect people.

-Over many years and projects, we have built up a good network, which our customers can enjoy. We are committed to helping our associated companies develop and do what needs to be done. Whether it is using our network, expertise or project support. In this case, it was a network, says Tormod Moldestad, who has been an adviser on Kobben's part.

FeltGIS was looking for an investor who would invest his money in district-based companies. Here, Skagerak Maturo has entered the field as a co-investor. According to Isak, Skagerak Maturo's ambition is to support start-up companies from the district. Otherwise, the rest of the board in FeltGIS consists of board chairman Endre Sæther and board members Ola Erik Rostad and Ole Reino Tala.

Prominent player

With the investor in place, FeltGIS can develop further. Isak hopes that in the future FeltGIS can become an important player in the forestry industry and consolidate its position to become a key competence center for forestry. FeltGIS wants to create a common production and environmental database so that all unregistered biological values are registered and have a storage space for further management.

-There are endless possibilities for FeltGIS. The solution we create works offline because there is poor coverage in large parts of forest Norway, says Isak and then adds:

-We are in dialogue with several areas within forestry. It is about offering smart and innovative solutions. We will consolidate that position now in 2021, at the same time as we are working on a long-term strategy. It is an ecosystem for forestry that is the goal. There are many areas within forestry we hope to create our own customized solutions for.